March 30, 2012

Storm Damage/Wildcat Update

We finally got down to the park for a few rides so we could see the full extent of the damage that the storm left when it swept through a couple weeks ago. As I posted before there is a big mud slide with multiple trees down near the ranger station. Our recent rides have revealed the rest. All in all it's not too bad, there are a few new trees down, a small slide on the Wilderness, the waterfall section on the Wildcat is wiped out and almost every water crossing needs a little TLC to get them back in shape.

As for our work efforts lately we have decided to stop work on the Wildcat.......just one good day from finishing the "bail out" section that would complete this years leg. With all the storm repairs that are needed and not a lot of time before our race, we felt like we had no choice but to shift our efforts from trail building to trail maintenance. We went down this past Sunday and worked for 3 hours on the Rattlesnake and Woodpecker and got most of the areas on them cleared, just one more spot on the Woodpecker and that side of the park will be in good shape.

Cleared creek crossing

Logs that were in creek crossing before we started

Next we will be working to clear trees on the Lakeshore and Blackbear, hopefully that will happen this Sunday. After our race we hope to complete the "bail out" on the wilderness but for now that will have to wait.

In the mean time I did see a few interesting thing on my ride today, hope you enjoy:

Virginia Blue Bells in full bloom

Sneaky little fellow
Antique Archaeology (American Pickers) van hiding on the museum parking lot

As you can see the Antique Archaeology van was in Logan today and hiding in the park. As I finished my ride I saw the van drive up the park, after loading my bike I decided to go look for it. They pulled in behind a big U-Haul van and covered the decal on the door. I guess that's what showbiz will do. I did see Mike walk by but I didn't try for a picture. Thought I would respect their obvious desire for privacy. Pretty cool to actually see them and the van right here in Logan. I noticed a few other pictures of the van on Facebook from around the area, so be on the lookout and maybe you can sneak a peak too.

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