October 21, 2010


Yesterday we finally put together an idea we have talked about for a while.......doing a time trial. This seems to be a common thing amoung mountain bike groups. Pick a good trail on your home turf, create a loop with a good combination of technical sections and speed sections and see who can ride it the fastest.

Here's what we did.....started at the shelter #5 (across from the train), rode the Fitness trail up the park, hard road to the beginning of the Woodpecker trail, Woodpecker back down the park, took the first exit point (the one with the sharp right hand switchback in the downhill) from the Woodpecker to the hard road, hard road back to the Fitness trail all the way back to the shelter, 2.5 miles in all.

As in all time trials we started the first rider, waited a few and started the next. We all made a big mistake and began our ride without any warm up. By the time we all finished, the cool temperature and the 100% effort really put a hurting on our lungs.....they weren't the same the rest of the day.

Here's the results..........next time around we hope to have a few more participants!!

October 15, 2010

100% Complete

I'd like to give a shout out to a rider that completed all 15 races in the WVMBA series this season......Ron Salisbury Jr.

Ron is a good friend of the LMBA and participates in our trail wok efforts. This year he competed in the Sport Grand Masters division finishing 2nd over all and finished all 15 races this season. After a quick scan through the WVMBA overall standings for all the past seasons it appears that this feet has not been duplicated.

This shows a great commitment to the WVMBA race series and the sport of mountain biking in West Virginia and we hope to see him out on the trails for many years to come.


October 3, 2010

Update Pictures

We have added some new pictures from the Chief Logan Wilderness Challenge.

Here is a link, the new pictures begin about half way through.

Check back soon for some different race course photos.

Hope you enjoy,


WVMBA Championship

Well after a big gap in blog coverage I'm finally getting to post a little about the WVMBA championship race at Eleanor, WV. The LMBA had a pretty good showing at this race with even better overall results in the series.....Let's just move straight to the overall year end standings.
William- 1st place sport masters
Dennis- 5th place sport vet

Chris - 2nd place beginner

Derek- 3rd place beginner

Here is a link to some pictures from the championship-

We have had a great time this year training and racing, but to be honest it's OK that it's over. now we can focus whats left of the year on some fun rides and kick back and enjoy.

We all plan on racing next year with some class changes of course. William will be moving to expert, Dennis staying in sport vet, Chris moving to sport vet and Derek to sport. It should be interesting to see how we all handle the moves.

Next on the agenda, is the return to our commitment of trail work. We will be focusing the first part of the off season to improving our existing trails in Chief Logan State Park. We will be fixing several problem areas and overall just tailoring this trails to be more fun and smooth. The second portion of off season will be devoted to extending the Wildcat trail. If your not familiar with this trail check out some of our older post and you will quickly see how much work has gone into it so far. Many riders have commented that it is the "best trail in the park" and it will only be getting better this winter.
I hope to have more regular post from here on out, please check back often to see how we are doing