April 4, 2012

Another Step Closer

We worked this past Sunday for about an hour clearing trees on the Lakeshore and Buffalo. We also smoothed a couple creek crossings to finish off the day. After the work William B and I rode a little, getting in about 15 miles. All in all a pretty good day. so hear is whats left for work on the race course

Cliffside- Huge slide with multiple trees. We will probably re-route and take this section out of the race     course.
Wildcat- 2 creek crossing to smooth and the waterfall section needs a good bit of work.
Wilderness- 7-8 trees to clear and one small mudslide
Woodpecker- 1 creek crossing and the slick rock section on the downhill needs fixed
Backbone- 3 tree to clear, 1 small section of road washed out and a small mudslide to clear.

I feel bad for not having any pictures to post today so hear are a few funny picture I stumbled across today.

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