December 22, 2011

WVMBA Ride Guide Photo Contest (part 2)

Well the LMBA had a great start and was in the lead for some time with picture #8. Then something jumped from the 200's to the 600 mark then the 900 vote mark in a very short time period.

I would like to think that was because all our blog anf facebook friends really love our picture but I'm guessing that's not the whole story. Anyway WVMBA has decided to start all over with a different voting tool to stop multiple votes.

So we need everyone to click here and vote for our phote. I still think we have a great shot at winning.

Thanks for all your help!!!!

December 19, 2011

Work Day 4

Date Worked: 12-18-2011
Weather: Clear
Temperature: 29
Workers Present: 5
Time Worked: 3 hours
Manhours Spent: 15 hours
Distance Completed: 85 yards
Total Trail Distance 210 yards
Total Manhours Spent 38.5

Another good day of work on the trail. 5 crew members and the most distance covered so far. Manpower sure makes a difference!!! Nothing to interesting on this section, just level benching till we reach the point that is about 20 yards from where we stopped for the day. Just around the corner is the first nice flat that we will reach that hopefully will require little work..........Great to have hope!

Our good friend Alan D. and Grand Master Ron S. Joined us today.......thanks and much appreciated.



We worked a little longer this day, lasting about 3 hours of not stop digging. It was kinda funny seeing everyone run out of gas about the same time. At about 2.5 hours the pace really dropped off and the question of when we stopping was asked more than once. I had my dog along for the day and the picture below sums up how we all felt. This picture was taken literally 5 minutes after we got home.


December 16, 2011

WVMBA Ride Guide Photo Contest

Voting is open for the WVMBA Ride Guide Photo Contest and LMBA has and entry(below). We need your votes to move us to the top. Click here and select photo #8 to vote for our photo. If you have multiple devices (computer(s), phone, tabs, etc) you can vote once from each device.

On the KT

This picture was taken on the Kanawha Trace (KT) in 2010.  The KT is an old boyscout trail that runs 32 miles from Barboursville to Frazier's Bottom, WV. Click here to learn more.

December 12, 2011

Work Day 3

Date Worked: 12-11-2011
Weather: Clear/Sunny
Temperature: 25
Workers Present: 3
Time Worked: 2 hours
Manhours Spent: 6 hours
Distance Completed: 45 yards
Total Trail Distance 125 yards
Total Manhours Spent 23.5

Cold day of digging!! With temperatures around 25 for the beginning of our day the ground was a little frozen but still good for digging. The frozen ground just helps to keep down some of the mud.

We got another difficult section completed as you come up out of the first creak crossing. Lots of deep benching in this section, some places as much as 24"-36", as you can see in the pictures below.

The next section of trail looks to be a little easier and we hope to pick up the pace and cover some better ground over the next few Sundays.

Finished Creek Crossing



December 5, 2011

Work Day Two

Date Worked: 12-4-2011
Weather: Clear/Sunny
Temperature: 58
Workers Present: 3
Time Worked: 2.5 hours
Manhours Spent: 7.5 hours
Distance Completed: 30 yards
Total Trail Distance 80 yards

Another pretty good day of trail work, weather was good and the ground was kind. What I mean by that is the digging was pretty easy, not allot of rocks or roots to bench thru. We have reached our first mini milestone on the trail. When laying out the design we new that getting to the first creek crossing would be one of the more difficult sections. The pics below will give you a little glimpse of the first switchback/creek crossing and how it turned out.
The next portion of trail will be another difficult dig up and out of the creek for the next 100 yard, after that hopefully a pretty long section that will need much less benching..........that means more ground covered on our work days.
Hope to see everyone at the trail next Sunday at 10am!!!!



Creek Crossing Before

Creek Crossing After