May 19, 2011

Crying Wolf Challenge

This past weekend we made the trip to Bluefield for the "Crying Wolf Challenge" and encountered a wet, cold, muddy and rainy race day. There were about 61 riders that showed up that day and we were all greeted with a downpour as we lined up for the prologue. That in combination with the already wet conditions made for a very muddy race.

LMBA had 5 members present for the race; Dennis finished 1st in sport vet, William 2nd in expert masters,  Derek 3rd in sport vet, Me 5th in sport vet (I won"t mention that there were only 6 in my class, or the fact that the 6th rider was a DNF, I will however focus on the fact that I was only 10:45 off of the lead.) and  Alex was 4th in beginner class. A pretty good showing for the team at this early point in the year.

A big shout out to Josh Vance for finishing 1st in the clydesdale class. Check out this video from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph of his smooth move thru a creek crossing, be sure to listen close at the end for his excuse.

Next up, Tour de Lake at Spencer.........hope to see you there.

May 17, 2011

Twin Falls

Recently we took a trip to Twin Falls state park for a group ride with the "Tire On the Mountain" group, little did I know that we would be in for such an interesting ride.

Twin Falls is a WV state park with several nice attractions that make for a great ride. First up is their premier biking trail, "Moonshiner". This is one of the smoothest and best flowing trails around. The 3.5 mile loop is fast and fun in either direction and worth the the trip in it's self. Next you have a really spectacular rock cliff overlook located at the end of a trail named................. "Cliffside"

Next up, the name sake of the park......the falls. I nice double track decent and a sweet rock garden take you to a really cool photo opp.

All in all about 15-20 miles for the day and some really nice trails and beautiful scenery. I highly recomend a trip to this location.