March 17, 2012

Storm Damage at Chief Logan

The recent storms in Logan have done a lot of damage to the area and Chief Logan has been no exception. Shortly after the storm the park was officially closed due to the road being blocked by water in several areas. This was quickly cleared and the park reopened but that doesn't mean all is good.

From a quick trip to the park we discovered this mess at the beginning of the Cliffside right by the ranger station.

The mudslide looks to be 3-4 feet deep and that tree at the top of the hill is huge. We will have a few riders in the park today to assess the rest of the trails. If they are anything like this one we are in for a mess. 

We will still be working Sunday as planned on the "bail out" trail at the end of the Wildcat. Hopefully we will complete this section of new trail and then focus our attention to any maintenance needed from the storm

Keep your fingers crossed and maybe the Cliffside will be the only trail affected in the park!!. 

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