March 15, 2012

Work Day 15

Date Worked03/11/12
Workers Present3
Time Worked2.5 hours
Manhours Spent7.5 hours
Distance Completed65 yards
Total Trail Distance1324 yards
Total Manhours Spent167.5 hours

This work day didn't go quite as planned. On my way to the park my wife got called out to work and I had to return home to be with the kids. I did get to drop off the tools and the guys went ahead and worked without me. They managed to complete the next section that we had planned that included cutting a massive tree that was in our way.

Another big item on the agenda for the day was to decide how to proceed with the trail. This also has been decided........we are making a bailout trail right past the big tree that will bring us off the mountain exiting at the 2nd shelter on the right fork of the park.

We believe that this "bailout" section can be completed in one more workday IF we get a good turn out of workers for our LAST trail building day of the season. I would like to ask that everyone make an extra effort to show up this Sunday to help the last big push to complete this section of trail.......hope to see you there!!




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