March 5, 2012

Work Day 14

Date Worked03/04/12
WeatherLight Snow
Workers Present4
Time Worked3 hours
Manhours Spent12 hours
Distance Completed100 yards
Total Trail Distance1259 yards
Total Manhours Spent165 hours

After 14 workdays completed it's time for a quick look at the averages. So far we are averaging about 12 total manhours worked every Sunday while completing about 90 yards per trip. This Sunday falls right in line with the averages as you can see above. As I mentioned last week, we are running out of time as race season approaches and our luck has not been that great as we  look for a place to make a connector trail to come out of the woods. Next Sunday we will be completing a difficult creak crossing and cutting the largest tree that we have cleared to date. After that it will be time to decide how to proceed; stop the trail as an out and back, bomb down the mountain at a less than perfect spot or push forward around the next point in search of an ideal location to come out of the woods. A big work crew would be great for next week, so if you can free up please come down and join the fun.


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