February 22, 2012

Work Day 12

Date Worked02/19/12
Workers Present3
Time Worked2.5
Manhours Spent7.5
Distance Completed100 yards
Total Trail Distance1009 yards
Total Manhours Spent129 hours

With the threat of snow Sunday morning I though we would see a little white on the ground but I was wrong. With the temperature hovering around 40 degrees all morning the snow held off till that evening. With a crew of 3 we managed a great distance. We benched a short section near the BIG downed tree from last week and then cleared a 75 yard flat that basically just needed raked and a little smoothing. We skipped the tree cutting, planning that for the next work day. We are now in the hollow directly behind the second shelter and making great progress toward the museum.

This Sunday will be a difficult workday with multiple trees to cut and the entire trail will need benched. We hope to see everyone out to help.


Beginning of Flat
Middle of Flat
End of Flat

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