February 8, 2012

Work Day 10

Date Worked 02/05/12
Weather: Rain
Temperature: 45
Workers Present: 3
Time Worked: 1.5 hours
Manhours Spent: 4.5 hours
Distance Completed: 65 yards
Total Trail Distance: 808 yards
Total Manhours Spent: 106.5 hours

3 is the loneliest number that I've ever seen........just imagine a musical tune and you'll get the idea.

3 worker present, rain and difficult digging leave me a little less than excited about our day. What we got completed looks really good, just not that much of it. The good news.........we scouted ahead a little and found a 100+ yard flat right around the corner. If we have a good turn out Sunday we might get thru the next section and clear the flat.......sounds good to me. Hope to see you soon for another work day.



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