April 21, 2011

2011 Race Season

The WVMBA 2011 race season has kicked off and the LMBA race team has jumped in with 3 members competing in the 2nd race at Big Bear Lake this past Sunday. This year the team consists of Dennis, William, Derek and myself.

I decided to sit this race out given it's long distance from Logan. The team left out real early Sunday morning and arrived in time for a good warm up before the race start. William is riding Expert Masters this year and this will be his first race after moving up from the sport distance. Starting out with the prologue and seeing several riders wrecking in the technical sections he decided to dial it back and take it easy. This proved to be a bad idea as he settled into the layed back pace for the entire race and failed to push himself to his full potential, finishing 9th in his class. Look for a much better finish next race.

Dennis and Derek are both riding sport class, vet and open respectively. Riding much of the race together they traded positions back and forth, Derek leading on climbs and Dennis regaining on the downhills and flats. With a few miles to go Derek crashed and broke his rear shifter and was forced to complete the race stuck in a single gear on the rear cassette. Dennis finished 2nd in sport vet and is setting the ground work for a great season. Derek ended up 9th in a very competitive sport open. With no mechanicals and a climbing course, Derek is likely to improve on that finish at the next race.

Looks like the entire team will be at WVMBA race #3 at Bluefield, with lots of climbing and my first race at the sport distance I'm not expecting great things but I'm sure it will be painfully fun.

Just because a blog post just doesn't feel right with out pictures, here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

Overly staged picture of my bike on a recent training ride

Surprise visitor in my garbage can a few days ago

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