March 5, 2011

Thursday Fun Rides

April is quickly approaching and everyone has been busy training for the the start of race season. We are all ahead of pace compared to last year, some a little more than others. I won't go into any more detail, wouldn't want to give out any info that could be used against us (yes I agree, everyone in WVMBA is probably scouting this blog as they prepare their race season strategies).

We all love to race but that is not what I wanted to talk about today. We all also love to fun ride. Riding with a large group of people that are out to enjoy the trails is also very enjoyable. Last year we typically rode every Wednesday and toward the end of riding season we had a few rides where 5-10 people would show up. sometimes everyone seamed reluctant to ride with us, thinking that we were out to train and ride fast. This is not the case, we enjoy riding with others and sharing our enthusiasm for the sport of mountain biking.

So this year we are going to have a weekly fun ride at Chief Logan State Park geared to draw a large number of riders of all skill levels. This ride will be every Thursday at 5pm, starting the first Thursday after the time change. The pace and route selection will be geared toward everyone having a good time and enjoying a ride with friends. We hope that this regular set day will allow people to plan on riding and show up for a great time on the trails with out having to call around and try to coordinate people to ride with.

Here is a video and a few pictures from recent rides for your viewing pleaseure............hope to see you on Thursdays!!!........Chris

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