January 1, 2013

Trees, trees and more trees

Date Worked 12/29/12 12/30/12
Weather Cold Rain Cold snow
Temperature 38-42 32-35
Workers Present 2 2
Time Worked 3.5 hours 3
Manhours Spent 7 hours 6
Distance Completed zero zero
Total Trail Distance 100 yards 100 yards
Total Manhours Spent 19.5 25.5

This weekend we switched gears a little and put in 2 good days of work cutting downed trees on the Wilderness trail. The "Sandy" storm a few months ago left that trail in a complete mess to say the least. We estimate that somewhere between 80-100 trees and limbs were/are down on the trail.

Saturday William and Josh started the journey and Sunday, William and I picked up where they left off. All in all we got maybe half of the Wilderness cleared. All the brush and thickets down along the way made it very difficult and time consuming to clear. We estimate another 2 days and we can have the rest in fair shape.

That's what we will be working on this coming weekend, tune in next week to see how we made out.

Zeke along for some fun

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