May 5, 2012

As Usual

Well, as usual our work season is over and I have quit posting on our blog with any noticeable regularity. My apologies,  I really am going to try and change that this year. I have a few things to talk about and update on.

First, the "drop out" section of the wildcat that comes out by the shelter is ridable except for one tree. It is very slick and absent of any benching, but ridable. We plan on cutting the tree and bench a little very soon. Hopefully a few hours of work and it will be in OK shape. Pitcures of that to be posted soon!

Next, the 2012 Wilderness Challenge has come and gone. Last Sunday the weather stopped raining long enough to get the race in. With all the rain leading up to race and the threat of rain on race day we only had 50 riders show up. The course was muddy but everyone was pretty understanding of the conditions and several racers commented that the race course was in better condition than they expected. The LMBA race team was there in full force (almost, one member was out due to a surgical procedure recently) but suffered a few mishaps that effected all but myself. William and Josh broke chains, Derek was battling a stomach bug and Dennis had to abandon the race to direct traffic at a missing sign that split the beginners off from the rest of the pack, as for myself I had a good race and managed to capture my first ever win (in my class of course).

Here are a few pictures to help catch everyone up on all the action:

Waterfall section of the Wildcat the first time it was repaired for the race, 2 days before the race a storm wiped out most of this work and we had to repair it at the last minute so it would be ridable for the race.

Last minute race course preparations on the Wilderness:

Just a cool view on a loop I have been riding. Leaving from my home, back rodes to the park, loop the trails in the park and return......usually around 25 miles.

Hope to be posting more soon!!!!

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