January 18, 2012

Work Day 7

Date Worked: 01/15/12
Weather: Snow
Temperature: 28
Workers Present: 7
Time Worked: 3
Manhours Spent: 21
Distance Completed: 120
Total Trail Distance: 475
Total Manhours Spent: 78

The day started off good and ended up great. We had 7 people to show up for work, I think our hopes of extra help each week is really happening. The extra help is really paying off, the trail is really shaping up and looking great. The more experience we get building trails the better they turn out. This trail is going to be really fast and flowing. The deep bench cuts make for a wide, smooth sustainable trail. The only drawback to the trail being this nice is we are sacrificing some time. In the past years we have benched a little less and covered more ground. It may take a little longer now but the end result will be worth it. I really think the Wildcat will become one of the most used and most liked trail by everyone from cyclist to runners to the everyday walkers. If we reach our goal of museum this winter and get a trail head established the traffic will really take off.
In my last post I made mention of a member that had not shown up for trail work, well that really did the trick, Josh V was there along with Josh W, Grand Master Ron S, Joey A and the 3 of us die hards (William, Dennis and Chris). Big thanks to everyone for the help. We'll be at it again this Sunday and hope to see everyone again. 

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