December 5, 2011

Work Day Two

Date Worked: 12-4-2011
Weather: Clear/Sunny
Temperature: 58
Workers Present: 3
Time Worked: 2.5 hours
Manhours Spent: 7.5 hours
Distance Completed: 30 yards
Total Trail Distance 80 yards

Another pretty good day of trail work, weather was good and the ground was kind. What I mean by that is the digging was pretty easy, not allot of rocks or roots to bench thru. We have reached our first mini milestone on the trail. When laying out the design we new that getting to the first creek crossing would be one of the more difficult sections. The pics below will give you a little glimpse of the first switchback/creek crossing and how it turned out.
The next portion of trail will be another difficult dig up and out of the creek for the next 100 yard, after that hopefully a pretty long section that will need much less benching..........that means more ground covered on our work days.
Hope to see everyone at the trail next Sunday at 10am!!!!



Creek Crossing Before

Creek Crossing After

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