May 19, 2011

Crying Wolf Challenge

This past weekend we made the trip to Bluefield for the "Crying Wolf Challenge" and encountered a wet, cold, muddy and rainy race day. There were about 61 riders that showed up that day and we were all greeted with a downpour as we lined up for the prologue. That in combination with the already wet conditions made for a very muddy race.

LMBA had 5 members present for the race; Dennis finished 1st in sport vet, William 2nd in expert masters,  Derek 3rd in sport vet, Me 5th in sport vet (I won"t mention that there were only 6 in my class, or the fact that the 6th rider was a DNF, I will however focus on the fact that I was only 10:45 off of the lead.) and  Alex was 4th in beginner class. A pretty good showing for the team at this early point in the year.

A big shout out to Josh Vance for finishing 1st in the clydesdale class. Check out this video from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph of his smooth move thru a creek crossing, be sure to listen close at the end for his excuse.

Next up, Tour de Lake at Spencer.........hope to see you there.

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