October 21, 2010


Yesterday we finally put together an idea we have talked about for a while.......doing a time trial. This seems to be a common thing amoung mountain bike groups. Pick a good trail on your home turf, create a loop with a good combination of technical sections and speed sections and see who can ride it the fastest.

Here's what we did.....started at the shelter #5 (across from the train), rode the Fitness trail up the park, hard road to the beginning of the Woodpecker trail, Woodpecker back down the park, took the first exit point (the one with the sharp right hand switchback in the downhill) from the Woodpecker to the hard road, hard road back to the Fitness trail all the way back to the shelter, 2.5 miles in all.

As in all time trials we started the first rider, waited a few and started the next. We all made a big mistake and began our ride without any warm up. By the time we all finished, the cool temperature and the 100% effort really put a hurting on our lungs.....they weren't the same the rest of the day.

Here's the results..........next time around we hope to have a few more participants!!

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