June 17, 2010

Home Course Advantage

Our home course race has now came and gone and I’ll have to admit I’m glad it’s over. When your hosting a race it takes allot of time and coordinating to pull it of. Although I was not responsible for the majority of the work, it still created allot of tasks for all our club members. Hats off to Dennis for shouldering most of the responsibility!!

With that said let’s talk a little about the race. The day started out pretty good and then turned into what we have dealt with at most of the races this year……..rain!! The trails at Logan have always been pretty hard packed and shed water very quick. Often we can ride the same day as an earlier rain and not be affected at all. I will have to agree with William when he said “the trails today are in the worst condition that I have ever ridden here”. Even with that, they were not too bad and the race went on.

Now to our results….William continues to dominate the Sport Masters and bagged a 1st place finish in the sport master and an overall 3rd place in the sport division. Dennis also continues to improve at the sport distance and took home a 4th place finish in the sport vet category. Josh started off very strong in the beginner class and was a couple minutes ahead of the pack until a slippery bridge took him out of the race and to the hospital for 12 stitches on his ankle. To poor salt in the wound, his front wheel was pretty messed up and will probably need replaced. I managed to hold onto 3rd in the beginner class after a flat tire on the Backbone trail climb about 2 miles from the finish.

We hope to update the blog in a couple days with a link to pictures that were taken during the race.

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