April 23, 2010

Tis Race Season

With our trail work season almost to a close it is time for LMBA to start focusing on another area of mountain biking interest..............racing.

With the opening of the WVMBA race season this past Sunday we have all been training and gearing up for the year. I thought I would tell everyone a little about our race team before we start giving updates on the teams progress after each race.

I use the term "race team" very loosely.......we are just a group of guys that like to ride and have stumbled onto racing as a fun way to do that and experience different trails across West Virginia. We are not sponsored by anyone but have managed to get custom uniforms created and hope to race with some minimal success this season.

Now for rider profiles on the team:

Dennis- This will be his 3rd season racing, 1st year he only ran a few races as a beginner and then cranked up the volume to win the overall beginner in his 2nd season. This year he has moved up to the Sport Vet class and faces the challenge of more miles and a higher level of competition between riders. His ride this year is a new Top Fuel 9.8, pictured below.

William (the Finisher)- Has been riding for several years and is one of the strongest riders of the group. He raced a few races last year in the beginner class and even won our home course event. After a few beginner races he moved up to the sport class for a couple races to finish out the season. This year he will be competing in the sport masters class and hopes to be very competitive. His ride this year will be Cannondale Flash Carbon 2, no pictures yet......bike is still on order and expected in soon.

Me (Chris)- Has been riding off and on since 1992, with several large gaps of no riding mixed in those years. Last year I got back in the saddle and have pedalled more than ever, competing in 4 races in the beginner class. This year I will be competing in the beginner class and hope to race 8-10 events with the main goal of increasing my abilities to ride the sport class. My ride is a 2004 Trek Fuel 100 that has been updated to disc brakes and is pictured below.

Josh- Has has been riding a couple years and plans on competing this year in the beginner class. Look for some good friendly rivalry between Josh and me, we are both real close in fitness and should have a allot of close races this year. He has a new ride this year and is trying out a Gary Fisher 29'er

Check back often for race updates and to check how we are doing in the WVMBA standings.

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