November 11, 2009

Some info about LMBA

Trail work, trail work, trail work………..that’s what the LMBA has been focusing on over the past 3-4 weeks. We are working on a section of trail that will complete a loop on the Waterfall trail. This will keep you from having to ride the Waterfall out and back and should add a pretty nice downhill and a highly visible section of trail to the single track at Chief Logan. Pics coming soon!!

We have picked up some help from a couple new volunteers for this portion of trail work. A special THANKS goes out to them for helping and we hope to keep your continued support. Anyone interested in helping can send an email to and we will add you to the mailing list so you receive the alerts regarding rides and trial work.

Something else that has been keeping LMBA busy is the pursuit of custom cycling jerseys for anyone interested. We are currently working to get our logo on a custom jersey. As soon as we have a proof we will post it on the website/blog for everyone to see. We hope to order soon so we can start sporting them on local rides very soon.

Another thing of interest for us is the 2010 WVMBA race season, yeh is still pretty far away but we have all been talking about it quit a bit. For the 2009 season Dennis won the beginners overall title and the rest of us got our feet wet in race competition. For the 2010 season we all plan on racing more and hopefully challenging several of the top positions in several different classes, more on that to come.

Check back soon for more trail work updates, custom jersey pics and our bike specs for the 2010 race season.

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